What I like about my job

What I like about my job

The first time a bride look through her pictures, there is a very high likelihood that she will be moved to tears. If you have done a bad job, they will be tears of deep sorrow. If you have done a good job, they will be tears of job – the same tears that she cried when the groom cried when the groom read his vows and when her father made a toast to their happiness. These are the memories that you have frozen in time for her.
Other types of photography are important of course, but few are as emotionally charged as wedding photography in Sydney. What I like most about wedding photography is the fact that my clients think that I do is truly, important.

One of the greatest compliments I have received illustrated that point even more clearly when one of my past brides wrote to tell me how overwhelmed she was when she first saw her wedding photos. Soon after she decided she wanted to be able to give that same feeling to other brides, so she changed her career goals and now she in her second year of college on the way to becoming a wedding planner in Sydney.

Author: Katsu Nojiri

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