Wedding story part three

Wedding story part three

Thankfully, a change is swirling in the air around the wedding photography industry. The move towards photojournalism is bringing with it a change towards letting go of being in control. a change towards allowing the bride and groom to express their ¬†individuality by creating their own ceremony within the bounds of whatever religion they choose, without us “professionals” trying to force them into out own overworked perception of what a wedding should be.

We must remember that the bride and the groom hired us to create a beautiful record of their wedding, not to create the wedding itself. We must also remember that the purpose of a wedding is to announce publicly the couple’s agreement to be bound together as a family for the rest of their lives, and contrary to what some photographers seem to believe, a wedding is not a photo shoot.

In writing this blog, my wish is that new generation of photographers will continue the current trend of working in a more discreet fashion throughout the wedding day.

I am looking forward to capturing the beauty and emotion of the day without spoiling its uniqueness by trying to control it.

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