Wedding Car

Wedding Car

Wedding car companies usually charge by hour and include a driver. You can also hire a car from a rental company for the day. Transport is one area of your wedding you may be able to save money. By asking friends and family to donate cars or drivers for the day.

You may wish to appoint someone to be in charge of organising transport for guests leaving the reception. Your transport manager can organise car poling and taxis if need be and is the last to leave the reception, ensuring all the guests have left safely.

Most of your guests will have their own transport arrangement. However, some, perhaps elderly or interstate guests may not. A great way to help your guests get to and from your wedding is to organise a bus or or taxi for them.

Having the ceremony and reception at the same makes it easier for your guests, but brings with it other transport logistic problems and timing considerations. For example, your guests will have time between the ceremony and reception while the newlyweds are having their photographs taken. Make sure your guests have something to do or somewhere to go during this time. Perhaps make sure the bar is open if there is enough time, arrange for the use of the local putt-putt golf for your guests.

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