Unique Zing

How to give your wedding a unique zing?

  • Write y our own vows. This will set your wedding apart and give your an opportunity to express your love in your own words.
  • Have a mini-choir, soloists or a member of our family play or sing at the ceremony
  • Write a love to each other and have the officiant read them at the ceremony
  • Instead of numbered tables for the seating arrangement, personalise and tie-in the tables and placecards with your wedding theme. For example, name each table after your favourite flowers, sports team or rock bands.
  • Incorporate elements of the past, such as photos of your parents or grandparents, on the entrance table.
  • Enlarge photograph of you and your partner ask the guests to sign their names on it.
  • Leave a nice writing pen and a guest book on an entrance table for your gusts to sign. Alternatively, have someone walk around with the book and ask everyone to sign it.
  • Compile a collage of you both – from your dreaded baby snaps through to your high school photographs and on to day.
  • Take an instant photo of guests as they arrive at your reception. Tie each photo to tree placed in the corner of the room. At the end of the reception, guests can take their photo home.
  • Have each guest bring a rose and ask then to add it to an arch upon their arrival at the reception.
  • Write and perform an original song or love poem at the reception.
  • Instead of placecars, have each person’s name written on a small paper flag mounted in a chocolate cupcake. This makes a great bomboniere.
  • Put a disposal camera on each table. Designate one person on each table to make sure all the snaps are taken and the camera is returned. You can end up with some great candid shots for your album.
  • Make a crossword or word sleuth based on the wedding couple to be left on each table. The guests can fill them in while they waif for you both to arrive at the reception.
  • Leave a personalised note on the table addressed to each guests. thanking them for their past friendship and support.
  • Ask your photographer to show your photos that has been taken on the day on the screen during the reception.

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Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri