The Caterer

The Caterer

Your reception centre usually handles both the catering and the beverages.
This makes life a little easier, but it also means you will need to take into account the standard of food when you select your reception centre.

Ask potential caterers to fax or post their menus and pricing structure to you; this will save you the initial running around. Food prices are usually based on a cost per person basis. Check to see if this covers staff, silverware and linens. Make sure you get everything in writing. Take note of the cancelation policy and guarantee of food quality and service.

Menu selection will depend upon your own tastes, guest numbers, budget, time of year time you want to ear and formality of the reception.

Foe example, mains can be served as a sit down meal or as a buffet. Sit-down menus are regarded as a more formal wedding occasion. Smaller, less formal weddings may only have finger food or fruit and cheese platter.

The wedding cake can be served as the dessert. ¬†Remember that you do’t want to serve too little food. Order the right amount for the occation. Your caterer may be able to help with the table settings and design, and assist with hiring any other need equipment such as chairs and tables.

If you need more advise about the caterer, please ask me as I have photographed so many weddings in the past.

Hope this article was helpful.

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