Did you know that we are a preferred photographer for…?

Did you know that we are a preferred photographer for…?


Did you know that we are a preferred photographer for…?

When I buy something or book someone, I always check their reviews and how trustworthy they are. I also trust recommendation form someone I know. 

Are you the same?

Well, I have been photographing mainly weddings for over 20 years in Sydney.
And most of my clients comes from word of mouth as I don’t advertise my business anywhere. So that is a good start!

What about reviews?

I probably should have done this much earlier but I have only started to ask my clients to leave some reviews on my google map since December last year. 

Here is a link that you can have a look at my reviews:

Now you can see what some of my latest clients has to say about me.

And what else…?

All my family and friends says that I should mention this more to get more attentions.
But I am one of those low key and humble photographers… (Am I?)

So I will say LOUD here!

I am a preferred photographer for:

Grand Pacific Group ( Dunbar House, Blue Room, Tea Room QVB, Gunners Barracks, Sergeants Mess)

Pier One Sydney Harbour Autograph Collection by Marriott 

InterContinental Hotel Sydney

Sydney Park Hyatt 

We all know, so I don’t need to say much but these guys are most trusted 5 star hotels and events venues in Australia. (or in the world!)

They have registered me to be their preferred photographer as they trust that my service and work quality are same level as they are!

When you book these venues, my name should pop up from their team! 

So that was my “Show Off” blog for today. Ha!

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How does your wedding photography packages work?

How does your wedding photography packages work?

“How does your wedding photography packages work?” 
This might be one of your questions that you may have when you choose your wedding photographers for your big day.

My wedding packages are affordable, super simple and straight forward. No catch or hidden prices that you have heard from your friends or family.

Before I explain my wedding photography packages, this is one thing that you should know about my packages.

That is ” You don’t need to choose your package when you book me.” 
In fact, you only need to decide your package three weeks before your wedding date.

So please secure me first, so I won’t book any other jobs on the day, in case your agenda changes last minute. This way, I can be flexible to your requests even on your wedding day.

So now, let’s talk about my packages. You will see two different packages with different hours.

1: Data Only Packages:
This one is super simple.
If you would like to receive your jpeg images on USB, please choose this package.
This packages are affordable for everyone.
Price ($1900 – $2900 depends on how many hours you would like me to photograph your event)

2: Complete Packages: 
The name of the packages explains all.
You will receive your jpeg images on USB just like Data Only Packages.
You will also receive:
1 x Premium Highlight Slide show
1 x Deluxe Flush Mounted Leather Album (20 Pages)
Price: ($28000 – $3800 depends on how many hours you would like me to photograph your event) 

Let’s say, I start at 2pm at your hotel room (Getting ready) and I stay till the end of the reception at midnight. That is 10 hours. So you can choose either 10 hours of Data Only Package or Complete Package.

Once again, you can decide your package later. 

If you like my work and packages that I offer, please contact me ASAP as most of my weekends will be booked out 6 months to 1 year in advance, especially Sydney’s spring and summer time.

Please follow us on Instagram for our latest photos!

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Affordable Wedding Photography packages in Sydney

When should I book my wedding photographer?

When should I book my wedding photographer?

This is one of the questions that the most of the brides will have when they set their wedding date.

I am not sure how the other states or countries works, but since I am based in Sydney NSW, the most of my clients are from Sydney or Blue Mountain. Then usually most of my brides books me 6 months to 1.5 months in advance.

Here is an example.

Most of my Saturday will be booked from mid January to April and September to mid December before Christmas time.  Sunday weddings has been very popular these days, too.

I will be traveling to Thailand (Phuket and Koh Samui) and Malaysia (Langkawi) for destination weddings during this time, too.

Last year, I have photographed over 50 weddings just myself and over 1000 couples in the last 20 years. Now you know how busy I get.

So once when you know your big date, please check my availability ASAP!

Please contact Katsu if you are looking for your wedding photographer in Sydney or Blue Mountain!

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Wedding Photography by Katsu Nojiri

Wedding Photography by Katsu Nojiri



Looking for your wedding photographer in Sydney?

Looking for your wedding photographer in Sydney?

Welcome to Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu!

Let us narrate your beautiful love story with some magnificently striking images. Being a professional photographer, our only aim is to capture every beautiful detail for your wedding album that you will cherish for rest of your life. We are not just a photographer but artist! Let us make your day just awesome!

Here at Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu we offer the exclusive range of wedding photography and videography services and we try to capture authentic shots. We never pressurize the couple to make some certain poses.

You just enjoy every moment of your special day and we will capture some beautiful moments of this day. We have a crew of skilled and highly talented photographers who are masters in taking inventive shots and dazzling angles.

With an aim to create some delightful, we follow modern and top-notch technology and equipped with cutting-edge cameras and other photography equipment. Show your romance, love and passion to each other through beautiful photographs is our forte.

In addition to the couple, we also focus on family, close relatives and friends in the wedding so that even a single emotion or moment will not be missed from the wedding album.

We attempt to cover all the rituals in the photos and cover all the functions before and after the wedding.

Depending on the client’s special wish we can entertain them and click some shots for them. We are behind our professionalism and working in this domain from last 20 years in Sydney and nearby areas in Australia.

With the impressive range of wedding packages, we can cater to all your needs and expectations. Browse our website, check out our portfolio and fix an appointment. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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Ling & Yongjian


Rule Five Part 2

Rule Five Part 2

Use this list of traditional wedding roles as a guide only. Don’t be afraid to allocate roles according to your own personal choices and reasons. For example, it may be more appropriate for you to base your selections on ability or on a

personal connection you have for each person.

Maid/Matron of honour:

  •  Organises the bridal shower with the bridesmaids
  • Organises the hens’ night
  • Pays for her own wedding attire
  • Helps with invitations and recording of gifts
  • Helps the bride dress for the ceremony
  • Helps throughout the day as needed
  • Returns any hired accessories for the bride
  • Assists with the young attendants
  •  Takes charge of the emergency pack (TBA)
  • Witness the signing of the register
  • Assists the maid of honour wherever possible
  • Helps the bride dress for the wedding
  • Pays for her/their own wedding attire
  • Looks after the guest book
  • Helps organise the bridal shower Flower girl or pageboy
  • Sprinkles fresh flower petals down the aisle for the bride to walk on
  • Carries a pretty basket of fresh flowers
  • Carries the bride’s train and helps to arrange it neatlyBest Man
  • Organise  the bucks’ night
  • Hires own wedding attire
  • Ensures the ceremony documentation is in place
  • Drives the groom to the ceremony
  • Witness the signing of register
  • Instructs ushers as needed
  • Holds the bride groom’s rings for the ceremony
  • Pays service providers on the day as necessary
  • Makes a speech
  • Returns the groom’s attire
  • Helps photographers to organize the groups shotsUshers
  • Arrive early to assist with any  setting up
  • Welcome guests and show them to their seats
  • Hand out service sheets
  • Help the best man as asked
  • Clean up after the ceremony
  • Hire own wedding attire
  • Help decorate the newlywed’ car

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Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri