The arrival of the bride is one of the most anticipated parts of the ceremony.
Arriving in style will be the talking point of the day and lots of fun for the bride. Being planning for your transport needs 6-12 months before your wedding day.

Look in the white pages under wedding cars, search the internet for wedding websites with service provider database, flip through wedding magazines and ask your friends and family for recommendation.

The groom’s arrival, in contrast, is an event in itsef. Traditionally the bride and her father ride in the first car to the ceremony. It’s very romantic to arrive in a limousine or Rolls Royce and adds to the sense of occasion, but equally spectacular might be to arrive on horseback or on a Harley Davidson.

Use your imagination. The second car to arrive at the reception in the bride’s mother and bridesmaids. However, you might want to hire a bigger car to try to fit everyone in.

Closest relatives and the bridal party will most likely need assistance in getting to and from the ceremony and reception.

You may also have to organise transport for the mother and father of the grooms, mother and father of the bride’s grandparents, ushers and pageboy.

Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu Nojiri

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Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu