Bridal Registries

Bridal Registries

Keep in mind that you will probably have guests of all ages, with many different tastes and budgets. Selecting gifts across these ranges will allow all your guests to contribute in a way thats most comfortable for them.
Register with a store with convenient locations and a good return they can shop at to buy you a gift.

Don’t count on everyone using the gift registry service. This can be a great source of frustration as you can end up with duplications and things of no practical use. Ask the person accepting the RSVP (usually the host) to tactfully emphasise your wish for guests to use the registry.

You can have your wedding gifts delivered to your home (if you are already living together) or to a parent;s home to be opened the day after the wedding.

It’s also good idea to send a gift voucher for their wedding photography or video package as a surprise. Especially when they do not have videographer, it might be a good surprise for them to film their wedding all day.

As well as we provide wedding photography, we also provide videography, so please contact us anytime if you are looking for video (DVD) for your wedding.

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