The opening speeches: Given to welcome the gusts by a close family friend that is not a member of the bridal party, such as the MC,host or father of the bride.
The opening speech concludes with a toast to the newlyweds.

The groom replies to the toast: On behalf of his wife and himself, the groom thanks significant people and then explains the history and nature of their relationship. The groom’s speech concludes with a toast to the bridesmaids.

The best man replies on behalf of the bridesmaids:
The best man’s speech reflects upon the life of the groom and includes anecdotes and perceptions of the newlyweds.

The best man’s speech is one of the most anticipated speeches because of his intimate knowledge of the groom. The speech should be light-hearted, goodnatured, and conclude with a toast to the bride and groom and then with a toast to the hosts of the evening.

The bride and groom;s parents reply to toast by the MC:
The bride’s father responds to the first toast and the groom’s father to the second toast.
Although it is traditional for fathers to respond to these toasts, there is not reason why the mothers could not do so either. Parents reflect upon their children’s lives, offer advise about married, life, and wish the newlyweds all the best in their future together.

Please provide your run sheet to your photographer, so we will know what’s happening on the night.

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