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Taking bookings for 2019

Taking bookings for 2019

This might sound a bit sales pitchy but our Saturdays in 2019 are filing super super fast.
Most of weekends in 2018 are almost all booked out and now we are taking booking for 2019 and 2020.

Usually between June and August are quiet months for all Sydney’s wedding photographers but a lot of weekends up to July are already filled with a lot of weddings this year. (When am I gonna get my holidays..? Hmmm…?)

I do have a few professional photographers working for me just in case, I am already booked but on your wedding day but if you prefer me to photograph your wedding, please get in touch early!

I will be photographing a wedding in Prague in January 2019 for the first time!
Please let me know if you are planning to have your wedding around the time in Europe.
I am happy to travel!

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Taking bookings for 2019



FREE Pre-wedding photo shoot?

FREE Pre-wedding photo shoot?

FREE Pre-wedding photo shoot?

I offer FREE Pre-wedding photo shoot when my clients book their wedding with me.
But unfortunately, it’s for lucky limited clients only!

In order to receive a FREE pre-wedding photo shoot, you will need to:

1: Book me at least one year in advance from your wedding day
2: Book me 8 hours package or above

Usually I offer Pre-wedding photo shoot for $700. So That’s is big saving there.

The session goes for about 45 minutes to one hour at Centennial Park or Observatory Hills during the week. (Sorry, all my weekends are booked out usually)

For me, pre-wedding shoot is like a practice session for your wedding day.
Pre-wedding shoot is a great way to get used to be in front of my big camera, too. 

And yes, you will receive all your images after your pre-wedding shoot, too!

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FREE Pre-wedding photo shoot?

Same sex marriage will be legal in Australia

Same sex marriage will be legal in Australia

Same sex marriage will be legal in Australia

Yesterday was such an emotional day for most of Australians.

Same Sex Marriage low has passed!!!  What a fantastic day!

For the last 2 years, I (Katsu) have been pushing for Australian Marriage Equality through my photos.  Being as a gay wedding photographer myself based in Sydney, Australia,
I have always wanted to do something for my LGBTQI community that helped me though some hard time.  

Gay and lesbian Wedding Photography in Sydney

Same Sex Marriage law has passed! – Katsu Nojiri Photography

I have marched the rallies, I have signed the petitions, I have tried to educated people around me but it was not enough I thought.

One day I had to ask myself, “I have been photographing weddings for the last 20 years, but how many Gay & Lesbian weddings here in Sydney? ”

” Only a few..”

People still have have their commitment ceremonies but it’s just not quite the same.

Then I thought, “How about I started taking photos of Sydney’s happy same sex couples?
Then show my work to people out there?”

“Photography gives strong impacts to the people and tell stories.”

This is when I have started taking photos of Gay & Lesbian couples and people love it!

I wanted to do my bit which is photography. Supporting our gay community in Australia through my work.

Once again, WHAT A FANTASTIC DAY it was yesterday! December 7th 2017!

Author: Katsu Nojiri (photographer)

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Same sex couples can get married in Australia! - Katsu Nojiri Photography

Same sex couples can get married in Australia! – Katsu Nojiri Photography




Do we need more than one photographer?

Do we need more than one photographer?

This is one of the questions that I always get asked by my clients when they book me for their wedding.

The answer can be tricky but usually I tell my clients ” Do not waste your money, use it for something else! ”

I guess that the answer can be different depending on the style of wedding photography or possibly the size of your wedding, also.

What I mean is…
As you might have noticed, my photography style is documentary style. (Natural & Candid)
It means that I don’t need those crazy lighting equipment (or reflectors) when I do the location photo shoot at the place like The Opera House, Harbour Bridge,  Botanic Garden or The Rocks area.

I photograph you naturally whatever happens on the day. 
That’s why I don’t ask couples to too much and suggest awkward pose that you might see on the wedding magazines.

If you have booked “Posed & Glamour” style wedding photographers, they will probably need those studio lighting sets even when it’s sunny outside.

Another reason that I don’t like to have the second photographer is, I don’t want them to be in the photos when those “Moments” that I photograph.

Plus, usually you will be paying around $800 – $1,000 more which you could use it for our honeymoon!!

If you are planning to book your wedding photographer here in Sydney, Melbourne or Thailand or Malaysia, please contact me early!

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Do we need more than one photographer? Wedding Photography

My wedding booking for 2017 are filing fast. Please contact me to check my availability when you set the date!

Affordable Wedding Photography in Sydney

Affordable Wedding Photography in Sydney
– How to find your wedding photographer –

I would like to share this “Non-Cool ” story with you all today.

Since I have been photographing weddings since 1996 (20 years go! ), I meet so many couples. When I say “many”. I am talking about over 1,500 couples.

Every year, around 8 – 10 couples comes to me AFTER their weddings with different photographers saying something like…

” Hi Katsu, we should have booked you for our wedding, our photos turned out to be terrible with this xxx photographer… Have a look… I would like to put my dress on again so we can do the photos around the park with you. Is it possible?”

I still get shocked when I hear from people like this. But now every year I get these kinds of messages from poor couples at least 8 – 10 times a year , sometimes more.

I always ask them how it happened after all those research to find the right photographer for their special day?

Usually they say……

“We thought that we booked him / her but we booked them…. We saw some great photos on their website, hanging some beautiful weddings photos on the wall at their fancy studio but those photos were taken by someone who used to work there for many years go we found out later….”

“We were told that we will have 2nd or 3 rd photographers for FREE plus their main photographer. So we have booked them. Then we have received so many photos but none of them were good. Almost every single photo, their photographers are in the background. The main photographer was too busy to train them and missed so many great opportunities.”

When you choose your wedding photographer, you gotta make sure who is coming to your wedding, knowing compare what you are comparing with, ask your photographer to show their whole set of a wedding not some good ones from all different weddings.

That is my tip for the day!

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Affordable Wedding Photography in Sydney by Katsu Nojiri

Gay Wedding Photography in Sydney

Gay & Lesbian Wedding Photography in Sydney

Gay & Lesbian Wedding Photography in Sydney

If you are planning to have your Same-sex wedding (Gay or Lesbian Wedding) in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, please contact us for your wedding photography as we are huge supporter Same Sex Marriage Coupes in Australia!!!!

I (Katsu Nojiri) is a wedding photographer with 20 years experience and have won many awards as well as photographed over 1,500 couples in Sydney and abroad the world.

Love is Love!

We hope that Same Sex Marriage will be recognised in Australia very soon!

Please visit our LGBT wedding page here


Sydney’s favourite gay wedding photography by Katsu Nojiri


We are a huge supporter for Marriage Equality in Australia! We have been photographing weddings over 20 years here in Sydney, Australia.

Gay & Lesbian Wedding photographer in Sydney, Australia

Same Sex Marriage in Australia. Photography by Katsu Nojiri

LGBT Wedding Photography in Sydney - Katsu Nojiri

LGBT Wedding Photography in Sydney – Katsu Nojiri


If you are planning to your LGBT wedding here in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, please contact us to secure your day.

gay wedding photographer sydney Katsu Nojiri

Same Sex Wedding Photography Studio – Katsu Nojiri

Gay and Lesbian “Weddings” are recognised (as de-facto/inter- dependent relationship) in Sydney, NSW Australia. If you are have or are about to plan your special day, please contact us about your wedding photography.Let’s hope that Australia will follow USA very soon!

Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu Nojiri
Instagram: @photographybykatsunojiri
Facebook Fan Page
Mobile: 0407 064 044
Email: [email protected]

“”The State of New South Wales state-wide relationship registry has been legally provided since 1 July 2010. The City of Sydney established a Relationships Declaration Program in 2005 available for all couples offering limited legal recognition and is still active. While making a relationship declaration does not confer legal rights in the way marriage does, it may be used to demonstrate the existence of a de facto relationship within the meaning of the NSW Property (Relationships) Act 1984 and other legislation. “”

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Gay Weddding Photographer Sydney - Mariage Eauality in Australia-4

gay  Are you having your LGBT wedding and Looking for your wedding photographer in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane?

Same Sex Wedding Photography by Katsu Nojiri

Same Sex Wedding Photography by Katsu Nojiri

gay couple with a kombi car on the street

Same Sex Marriage in Australia

Long shot of gay couple at NSW Art Gallery

Wedding Photography by Katsu Nojiri

Gay couple are in the blue suit at the stairs in Sydney CBD

LGBT wedding photography in Sydney by Katsu Nojiri

Gay wedding ceremony at the Hyde Park Sydney

Wedding ceremony – Photography by Katsu Nojiri

Marriage equality in Australia. Katsu Nojiri Photographer

Team GSA (Gay Sydney Australia) – Marriage Equality Photo Shoot at Taylor Square.

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When should I book my wedding photographer in Sydney?

When should I book my wedding photographer in Sydney?

This has been one of the most popular questions when people try to book their wedding photographer(s) whether they are looking for their wedding photographer in Sydney or Thailand.

My answer for this is “Contact us when you set your special date!”

Depending on the months how busy we get, but usually we get booked our most of the weekends 5 – 12 months in advance. Just to give you some idea, it’s May 13th 2015 today.

In the last 7 days, we have confirmed one wedding in Sydney for October this year, another one for November and another one in Pipi Island Thailand for January next year already.
So if you set your wedding day, (and maybe book your venue and celebrant, contact us asap to avoid disappointment.

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wedding photographer sydney


Portrait Journalism

Portrait Journalism

The term portrait journalism seems to imply a perfect of traditional and photojournalistic styles. However, photographers using this style tend to produce results that look more like a collision between fine art, fashion, and wedding photography.

In reality, this style produces portrait images that range from traditional to ultramodern to fine art and anything in between. With portrait journalism, you are not bound by the constrains of being non-intrsutive like a true photojournalism.

You can shoot in photojournalism style when things re happening, and then when there is a break in the action, you can pose the bride in a beautiful location for a portrait. This lack of constraint on posing combined with the creative fee business model, which pays you to shoot whatever you want, combines to release the truly creative potential of the photographer.

I have started to photograph babies, children and family portrait to broaden horizons  in Sydney. The company name is Sydney Treasures Photography. It’s has been over year since I have released my new kids’s website. It has been very popular ever since and I really enjoy photographing babies, children and family as well as wedding photography.

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Photographer and Smile

Photographer and Smile

Another typical aspect of this style is that the photographer is very active and vocal about guiding the event. This can be an advantage if the couple failed to hire a coordinator. The photographer can organise and move people involved in the formals, as well as frequently ask the couple and guests to stop what they are doing and smile at the camera for a shot.

This iteration is most noticeable during the reception party as the cake cutting and first dance are often interrupted by the photographer asking the couple to look this way and smile. Although obviously very instructive, this process of stopping people for a smile is so embedded in the tradition of the style that its seen as completely acceptable. (although I try not to do this so often).

The tradition is so strong that sometimes the marriage celebrant or the DJ may actually stop the couple and tell them to look over at the photographer and smile without checking even checking with the wedding photographer.

It’s always good to remember to look at your wedding photographer when you cut the cake or during signing the form at the ceremony.

If you are looking for a nice celebrant in Sydney, how about Chris Stedman Celebrant?
He is very good!

Author: Katsu Nojiri

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