Same sex marriage will be legal in Australia

Same sex marriage will be legal in Australia

Same sex marriage will be legal in Australia

Yesterday was such an emotional day for most of Australians.

Same Sex Marriage low has passed!!!  What a fantastic day!

For the last 2 years, I (Katsu) have been pushing for Australian Marriage Equality through my photos.  Being as a gay wedding photographer myself based in Sydney, Australia,
I have always wanted to do something for my LGBTQI community that helped me though some hard time.  

Gay and lesbian Wedding Photography in Sydney

Same Sex Marriage law has passed! – Katsu Nojiri Photography

I have marched the rallies, I have signed the petitions, I have tried to educated people around me but it was not enough I thought.

One day I had to ask myself, “I have been photographing weddings for the last 20 years, but how many Gay & Lesbian weddings here in Sydney? ”

” Only a few..”

People still have have their commitment ceremonies but it’s just not quite the same.

Then I thought, “How about I started taking photos of Sydney’s happy same sex couples?
Then show my work to people out there?”

“Photography gives strong impacts to the people and tell stories.”

This is when I have started taking photos of Gay & Lesbian couples and people love it!

I wanted to do my bit which is photography. Supporting our gay community in Australia through my work.

Once again, WHAT A FANTASTIC DAY it was yesterday! December 7th 2017!

Author: Katsu Nojiri (photographer)

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Same sex couples can get married in Australia! - Katsu Nojiri Photography

Same sex couples can get married in Australia! – Katsu Nojiri Photography




A formal affair

A formal affair

You should wear a black dinner jacket, either single- or double-breasted, with ribbed silk lapels and no vents or covered buttons.

Trousers should be tapered, suitable for braces and officially, have one row of braid.
The evening shirt, in cotton or silk, with either a Marcella or a pleated front, has a soft, turn-down collar.

For the accessories, the bow tie is of black silk. Cummerbunds may be worn (with pleats opening upwards) but waistcoats are still much more acceptable.
Black tie can be made as individual  as you like with a colourful bow tie, matching waistcoat and pocket handkerchief. (They will look great when you get your photos will be taken by your photographer.)

Shoes should be black and well polished, and socks plain black. (not sports socks, boys!)

Now you know what to wear on your big day if you are the groom, but you might wants to check with your bride to see if she will like that.

As a wedding photographer, I always find the groom looks great in plain colour tie with a white shirt under your jacket.

If you re looking for a wedding photographer for your big day, please contact us!

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Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri