One thing that I always ask to my clients… Please do me a favour!

When I meet my clients for the first consultation,  there is one favour that I always.

That is to give me a lift from wherever I am starting (usually from the bride’s place or a hotel room) to the ceremony, then to the location shoot and to the reception venue.

It’s almost impossible for us to find the car park especially in Sydney’s CBD during the ceremony and location shoot.

If your wedding is Blue Mountain, Gerringong or Hunter Valley, that is fine but only when you are having your wedding in Sydney. 
So I won’t lose you and easy to follow you around all day to photograph your best day.

If you are planning to have your wedding in 2019/2020, please let me know early as more than half of my Saturdays in 2019 are already booked. 

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Wedding photography sydney NSW
Wedding photography sydney NSW

Most popular Wedding Photography in Blue Mountain in NSW

Most popular Wedding Photography in Blue Mountain in NSW

Having the wedding in Blue Mountain in NSW has becoming more popular over the years.,

I have noticed that a lot of people from Sydney drive up there to get married on Friday afternoon. Yes, it’s Friday!

So everyone can take a Friday off at work. You get there around the lunch time for the ceremony.  And stay over night after the reception party finish around 11pm.
So everybody can have a little weekend away after the wedding on the weekend.

Obviously, the bride needs to get ready way before that as well as someone like myself, photographer.

Let’s say your ceremony starts at 3pm and your ceremony review is just outside the hotel that you will be staying at.

I will probably need to get there around 1:30-2pm to photograph the bride and girls are getting ready for about an hour before the ceremony. Then if you would like me to stay til the end, it will be 10 hours. So you can choose my affordable 10 hours package. 

There are so many great places that we can visit to photograph after your ceremony before the reception in Blue Mountain.

If you are planing to have your wedding in Blue mountain NSW, please contact me early as  most of my weekends will be booked out early.

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Most popular Wedding Photography in Blue Mountain in NSW