Organising your Wedding in Sydney 2

Organising your Wedding in Sydney 2

Most people want the best wedding they can afford. There are limits to what you will be able to implement because you won’t have an endless supply of money. It’s at the point that you need to priorities what’s most important to you.

Determine who is able contribute financially and what amounts they are prepared to put forward and finalize these arrangements as soon as possible to give you a greater sense of confidence and control over your planning.

Parents of the bride traditionally pay for most of the wedding in Australia. However, today it is quite common for costs to be shared between both sets of parents and
increasingly, it has become accepted for the bride and groom to contribute as well.

Asking specific people and how you want to spend the money.  There is another way to get around this. Secure the total contribution up-front so you alone decides
where and how that money will be spent. All parties can agree beforehand what percentage they would like to contribute, and then agree beforehand what percentage they would like to contribute, and then have this money transferred into your own bank account.

Following  are some general spending guidelines, however, most of your money will always be spent on those things that are most important to you:

  •  Food & Beverages: 50-60 per cent of your budget
  • Flowers: 8-12 per cent of your budget
  • Music: 4-10 per cent of your budget
  • Wedding Photography: 18-25 per cent of your budget
  • Miscellaneous: 10-15 per cent of your budget

When you choose the photographer, please remember to choose one that will provide you high resolution images without any restrictions so you can print, enlarge or post your photos on facebook without any additional cost.

At Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu, we provide all your high resolution images on DVD on any packages that you choose.

If you are seeking to reduce your costs, dispense with familiar wedding practices.

For example, have a breakfast, brunch, or cocktail reception  instead of a sit-down evening meal, and choose an off-peak time, day and season. (winter) Look for inexpensive locations like a park or beach, ask for help from creative friends and relatives who have expertise with cake making, decorations.

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Decision Two: The Budget (Part 2) is coming soon.
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Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri