My wedding story

My wedding story

I was shooting a wedding in Sydney where the bride and groom purchased a “package wedding” from a large resort.

The package came with a minister, a videographer and all other essentials except the photographer (me), which the couple arranged separately because they wanted more than what the typical photographer provides. On the day of the wedding, I did my normal photojournalistic thing until just before the ceremony when the videographer arrived. This man stepped up with a loud voice and just took over the reins of that whole wedding. From then on, he and the minister ran the show completely, telling the bride and groom where to stand, when to move, where to put each hand, how to hold the pen, and even when to smile at the camera. They were arranging shots for me (which I did not ask for..) and then saying, “There you go Mr. Photographer! That’s is how we do it here! Easy right?”

When the first dance started, the videographer was at the bar but he came back charging back with a drink in his hand and a napkin flying in the air behind him. He was waving his hands and motioning across his throat at the DJ to cut the music. The DJ was ignoring him so finally he yelled “STOP!!” which of course everyone did.
Then he walked out on the dance floor and carefully placed the groom on one side, and the bride on other, then then he grabbed his camera and motioned for the DJ to start the music up again. To be continued to Part 2

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Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu