My Wedding Story Part Two

My Wedding Story Part Two

Only a few weeks before this scene, I saw another bride in Sydney that stopped all that nonsense right in the beginning. She told them all how she wanted it to go, and if they did not want to do it her way, they could just pack up.
At first the minister did not want to comply, but when se told her father to ask him to leave, he changed his mind. She then proceeded to have a very quiet ceremony that went exactly her way, with no interruptions.

Those two very different experiences made me think about how those of us in the wedding business go about our business. Sometimes videographers, ministers, and we photographers forget to honour the sacredness of the wedding. We also so see so many weddings that we forget this is the first and perhaps only time the bride and groom will ever experience it.  Our familiarity makes us good at what we do, but it also wears away our perception of the sacredness of the event. Before long, each wedding is simply another day at work, and we are eventually temped to herd our clients through the paces.

To be continued to Part 3

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Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu