Updating my photography website

Updating my wedding photography website – Sydney Photographer

It’s going to be super modern, easy to navigate, more latest photos and you will see my new logo!!

I am super excited about it!

All my wedding photography awards will be shown, some testimonials from my happy clients, some magazines that I have worked with also will be up on my new website.

It’s definitely time consuming but it’s been great and I know that it will be worth it once when it’s done.

My wedding photography booking for mid this year has been filling surer fast this year.
Usually May is quiet month for someone like me but more than half of my weekends are filled! a

And I have also a few destination wedding photography in Langkawi in Malaysia and Phuket in Thailand!!!  I am super excited to visit those beautiful countries again to photograph beautiful couples!

If you are engaged and have not found your wedding photographer, please contact me early!

Destination Photography includes: Sydney (where I am based) Melbourne, Gold coast, Brisbane, Langkawi (Malaysia), Phuket (Thailand)

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Wedding photography in Sydney

Wedding web pages

Wedding web pages

In the enlightened Internet age in which we live, weddings can actually provide an excellent excuse for spending some time on the computer.

How about building your own website telling the world about the wedding?
When, Where, How, Who and more.

You don’t need to know the first thing about website building to create a professional set of pages these days.

There area lot of free websites or blogs sites out there you can post the photos and add on   the comments as easy as word documents.

My website has been created by a professional web designer and I requested him to add on this news page by using wordPress. So I can post articles like this and wedding photos that I photographed in Sydney for you to get some ideas for your wedding day.

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Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri