Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding Rehearsal

The rehearsal with your marriage celebrant might inspire you to “Lean your line”.

If you have not already done so. Although the marriage celebrant usually askes you to
repeat his/her words when the time comes to give your vows, learning the lines will enable you to deliver them with confidence.

You don’t need to be nervous or stressed about it. As long as you both say “I WILL” that is only matter really. 🙂

From photographer’s perspective, the ceremony seems to be more relax than other countries in Sydney, you can giggle, hold hands or look at each other just like you always do.

By doing that, we can photograph you better with a bit of similes rather than having serious face during the ceremony.

Another advise from experienced wedding photographers like us would be not to blink too much during the ceremony just to avoid bad photos!


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