Wedding Tips – Photo Shoot

Wedding Tips – Photo Shoot

“So how long do we need for the photos?” This is one of the most common questions. So here it is.

The ceremony usually goes for 30 minutes maximum if it’s civil ceremony. (more like 15 – 20 minutes). If you are having your ceremony at the church, it will be more like 30 minutes to 90 minutes depends on your minister.

Usually, straight after the ceremony, we will do group photos (before people wonder off) followed by family and friends photos. This usually take about 30 minutes.

Location Photo shoot: Minimum of 1 hour up to 2.5 hours.
Please add on traveling time between the locations. 
I would like to have about 45 minutes to 1 hour at each location for better results.

Then we travel (or walk) to the reception party where all your family and friends are enjoying the canapés and drinks.

This is the opportunity for me to photograph your cake, decoration in the room as well as your guests are mingling.

And this is a opportunity for you to have a little break in the bridal room. Yes, it will be another 5 – 6 hours to party after that!

Yes, it will be a fun day but also a long day for you. So please have buffer time especially in the morning before your ceremony. A lot of time, the wedding won’t run on time, and that is when you get stress because the schedule is running late.

Buffer time is the key!

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Wedding Tips - Photo Shoot

Wedding Planning Tips – Morning

Wedding Planning Tips – Morning

Bride: 1 – 1.5 hour & Groom: 30 minutes – 1 hour

If you would like me to photograph your “Getting Ready Bit” either at your place or the hotel room, I would like to have minimum of 1.5 hours hopefully for the bride and minimum of 30 minutes – 1 hour for the groom. Plus I need to add traveling time between any two locations.

Usually I go to the groom’s place first then I go to the bride and we go to the ceremony together.

Hair & Make-up artists – 1 hour before your departure

By the time I arrive to the bride’s place or hotel room 1 – 1.5 hours before we leave to the ceremony, I would like your Hair & Make-up artists to be finished and ready go! It is so that I can photograph your little details such as bouquets, dress, accessories and of course you, your bridal party and family’s “getting ready bit” better.  
It means, when I arrive to your room, that’s when you gotta say BYE to your lovely Hair & Make-up artists.

Hope this little article will help you to plan your day better!

Wedding Planning Tips - Morning
Getting Ready in the hotel room – Wedding Planning Tips – Morning

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Book us before December 31st 2018

If you are considering to book us for your wedding in 2019, 
please do so early as we will be increasing the pricing from January 1st 2019.

As we all know, Sydney is not getting any cheaper and the cost to run our little business has been increased a lot, especially we have now number of staff working for us for the better service.

2018 has been such an amazing year for us. 
We have been registered as one of preferred photographers for these amazing Sydney’s top wedding venues at:

Park Hyatt Sydney
Hyatt Regency Sydney
Pier One by Marriott
QVB Tea Room
Gunners Barracks
Dunbar House
Sergeants Mess
Bondi Blue Room

We have also been featured in TOP 10 Wedding Photographer 2018 in NSW.
(See the article here)

Our work has been featured on number of wedding magazines in Australia and around the world, also.

We have traveled to Bangkok, Kuala Lumper, Kyoto, Tokyo and New Zealand for weddings and non weddings job, too.

So…. If you are planning to have your wedding 2019/2020, please books us early to avoid “extra cost” from January 2019.

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Wedding Photography by Katsu at Gunners Barracks

How does your wedding photography packages work?

How does your wedding photography packages work?

“How does your wedding photography packages work?” 
This might be one of your questions that you may have when you choose your wedding photographers for your big day.

My wedding packages are affordable, super simple and straight forward. No catch or hidden prices that you have heard from your friends or family.

Before I explain my wedding photography packages, this is one thing that you should know about my packages.

That is ” You don’t need to choose your package when you book me.” 
In fact, you only need to decide your package three weeks before your wedding date.

So please secure me first, so I won’t book any other jobs on the day, in case your agenda changes last minute. This way, I can be flexible to your requests even on your wedding day.

So now, let’s talk about my packages. You will see two different packages with different hours.

1: Data Only Packages:
This one is super simple.
If you would like to receive your jpeg images on USB, please choose this package.
This packages are affordable for everyone.
Price ($1900 – $2900 depends on how many hours you would like me to photograph your event)

2: Complete Packages: 
The name of the packages explains all.
You will receive your jpeg images on USB just like Data Only Packages.
You will also receive:
1 x Premium Highlight Slide show
1 x Deluxe Flush Mounted Leather Album (20 Pages)
Price: ($28000 – $3800 depends on how many hours you would like me to photograph your event) 

Let’s say, I start at 2pm at your hotel room (Getting ready) and I stay till the end of the reception at midnight. That is 10 hours. So you can choose either 10 hours of Data Only Package or Complete Package.

Once again, you can decide your package later. 

If you like my work and packages that I offer, please contact me ASAP as most of my weekends will be booked out 6 months to 1 year in advance, especially Sydney’s spring and summer time.

Please follow us on Instagram for our latest photos!

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Affordable Wedding Photography packages in Sydney

How does your wedding photography packages works?

How does your wedding photography packages works?

This is one of the questions that I get asked when people are searching for their wedding photographers.

My packages are simple, straight forward, no catch or hidden prices.


Please just message me to check my availability, then we go from that.

Anyway, back to the packages, firstly you might want to decide what you you want after your wedding.  

Let’s say A or B?

A:  All your data on USB.  
You will receive all your colour images beautifully edited on USB.
So you can print, enlarge, post them on your blog, Instagram or Facebook yourself without any additional cost.

B: All your data on USB, Premium Leather Album and a Premium Slideshow
You will receive all your colour images and black & white images on USB. (same as A)
Plus you will receive a premium leather cover album (20 pages) and a highlight slideshow.

Once when you decide A or B, you will need to decide how many hours you would like me to photograph your wedding.

Let’s say, I am starting from your hotel room (or your place) getting ready an hour before your departure to the ceremony. 

Let’s say your ceremony starts at 3pm, so maybe I start 1pm photographing you getting ready for about an hour, so that 2pm. Getting in a car and drive to the ceremony arriving 2:45pm at the ceremony.

The ceremony usually goes for 30 minutes or so, then we do group photos, family photos for about 30 minutes or so. Then we go to your favourite photo locations at the places like The Rocks, Opera House, Harbour Bridge etc until the reception starts around 6- 6:30pm.

Usually the reception party ends around 11-11:30.

Most of my clients would like me to stay till the end, then I am starting from 1pm and finishing around 11pm. So that is 10 hours.

So you can choose my 10 hours package of A or B.

That is how my wedding photography packages works.

I must say that my packages are fair and affordable. I have not changed my pricing since 1996. (which I think that it’s crazy a bit….)

I hope that you will like my work and packages that I offer!!

Please message me early if you are engages, most of my Saturday will be booked out through the year!

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Wedding photographer in Sydney

Wedding photographer in Sydney (Katsu Nojiri)

Although I still direct you how you pose, stand or smile during the location photo shoot as well as traditional family photos and group photos straight after your ceremony.

I am one of those discreet wedding photographers that you don’t even notice I have been photographing your moments naturally on your special day.

The way I photograph is natural, contemporary and candid. I won’t ask you to do silly (and embarrassing!) poses that you may have seen at The Rocks area on the weekends in Sydney. (unless you want me to do that is!)

The main thing is that all my clients enjoy their very special day.

And it’s my job to capture those moments. If you are a kind of person that  smile and laugh a lot, you will make my job easier. 🙂

Organising your wedding can be stressful, however once if you book me, you can forget about your photography.

I have 19 years experiences as an award-winning wedding photographer in Sydney and most of my clients have been referred from my previous clients. You can call me a king of recommended wedding photographer in Sydney. Hahaha!
I don’t advertise my business anywhere but I still run my business after 19 years in this tough industry. That’s because all my clients from 1996 has been referring me to their family and friends.  (BIG THANK YOU TO ALL MY CLIENTS!!)

If you set your big date and looking for your wedding photographer in Australia, please contact Katsu ASAP. Katsu will travel all the states to photograph your wedding. (Mainly Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast)

Oh, one more thing, I get booked out about 6 – 10 months in advance on the weekends. (Especially on Saturday) Please contact me early to avoid disappointment!

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Recommended Wedding Photographer in Sydney Katsu Nojiri


Photographer and Smile

Photographer and Smile

Another typical aspect of this style is that the photographer is very active and vocal about guiding the event. This can be an advantage if the couple failed to hire a coordinator. The photographer can organise and move people involved in the formals, as well as frequently ask the couple and guests to stop what they are doing and smile at the camera for a shot.

This iteration is most noticeable during the reception party as the cake cutting and first dance are often interrupted by the photographer asking the couple to look this way and smile. Although obviously very instructive, this process of stopping people for a smile is so embedded in the tradition of the style that its seen as completely acceptable. (although I try not to do this so often).

The tradition is so strong that sometimes the marriage celebrant or the DJ may actually stop the couple and tell them to look over at the photographer and smile without checking even checking with the wedding photographer.

It’s always good to remember to look at your wedding photographer when you cut the cake or during signing the form at the ceremony.

If you are looking for a nice celebrant in Sydney, how about Chris Stedman Celebrant?
He is very good!

Author: Katsu Nojiri

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About Wedding Photographer

About Wedding Photographer

Personality goes a long way. One of the most valuable tool you can have as a wedding photographer is the right  kind of personality. You don’t have to be the life of the party, but you should have a friendly and outgoing personality that puts people at the the ease almost immediately. If you don’t like people, or if you are impatient or easily frustrated with people that are always late and generally can not seem to get it together, then this job won’t be a good match for you. If you function well under pressure, if you are flexible enough that you won’t mind making last minute plan changes when the bride is late, and you like working with people, then this job might be a good match for you.

The last and most valuable tool that you need as a wedding photographer is knowledge. You need to develop your skills and understanding of photography to the point that taking picture is not more difficult thank walking across the room. When you seen an activity taking place, you need to move to the location that will allow you to tell the story with your camera. With practice, your eyes will tune into the types of locations that make good portrait backgrounds.

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Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu



Using the Tools

Using the Tools

The tools of the trade are few. As businesses go, wedding photography in Sydney requires only a small cash outlay to get the few pieces of high quality equipment necessary for the job. Learning how to use the equipment is the real challenge, because fortunately for photographers, having the best tools does not make you a good wedding photographer. Many excellent photographer use old, beat up cameras that are much less capable than the cameras many wedding guests will be toting around during and after the ceremony. However, as you probably already know, camera don’t take pictures, photographers do.

A great wedding photographer could do better with a point and shoot than what most people can do with a top of the line digital camera.

The specific tools that each photographer uses are relatively minor part of the wedding photography business. For example, when you admire a painting by Picasso, you don’t wonder what brush he was using. The tools that he used are as irrelevant as the choice of that vision are what makes the real magic of wedding photography.

Wedding photography is very different to those of who does fashion photography or landscape. If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding in Sydney,
please contact Katsu to see his availability.

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How to choose your wedding photographer in Sydney

How to choose your wedding photographer in Sydney

Choosing the right wedding photographer in Sydney for your special day can be a difficult assignment.

Obviously, viewing their works are important and I recommend these tips to everyone who are looking for your wedding photographers in Sydney.

Look for someone who is obviously passion about photography (wedding photography, of course) and loves what they do.

Sadly for too many wedding photographers at your wedding is just another job over the years. They intend to fail to bring passion and love of the art into each and every wedding they capture.

Do not judge your photographer based on by some degree or by winning awards.
They get there through experience just like an airline pilot or a doctor.
(although we won some awards which is great but it’s our job to make our clients happy not the judges!)

You will also need to feel comfortable with you wedding photographers as not only you will be working with them on your big day, you might be working with them after your wedding day if you are considering to have your wedding albums made.

When you meet your photographers, ask if those photos are YOUR work or THEIR work?   You also would like to make sure that “you are going to book him / her or THEM?”
By doing this, you can avoid SOMEONE will turn up on your very special day.

From my point of view, nothing beats experience, check their review and reputation or simply contract us!

I hope that this article helps you make the right decisions about who you are going to hire for your wedding.

Great photos will become priceless and one of your most valued and treasure!

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Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri