Wedding Morning Checklist

Wedding Moring Checklist

It is considered unlucky for the bridegroom to see eyes on the bride before the wedding ceremony. So even couples who lived together tend to spend the night before their wedding apart.

So here are the wedding morning check list for the groom:

* Do you have your buttonhole?
* Has the best man got the  rings?
* Do you have your change of  clothes for the next day?
* Has the luggage for your first night and honeymoon – including documents, tickets, passports- been delivered to your first night hotel or stowed in the car boot?
* Do you have some spare change in case of an emergency?
*Do you have a crib sheet of events?
*Your speech notes?
* The thank-you gifts?
* Your hotel or home key?
* Your big smiles for your beautiful bride and photographers for your photos?

We usually start photographing from the groom when both the groom and the bride prefer their photos taken for their getting ready.

Although it has been popular just to photograph bride only in Sydney these days as it can be too early for the boys to get ready in the morning.

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Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri