Wedding location that Sydney photographers don’t like

Well, you probably have read “Best Wedding Locations in Sydney” that some people have wrote but how about the wedding locations that we (wedding photographers in general) do not like?

I probably should not generalise as there are some photographers in Sydney out there that might like the locations, so I probably shouldn’t say “we”.

You probably know it but in any photography, the lighting is the most important factors for the best results. Not the models (couples), not the angle, not the compositions or not the backgrounds.

As a wedding photographer myself, I have 100% control of capturing the best results while we are having the location shoots.

How about during the ceremony?  

Unfortunately, I can’t stop the ceremony because your expression on your face is not the best or you may have people walking behind during your ceremony but I can’t tell them not to do during the time.
I basically need to photograph whatever it happens during the ceremony .

Same as the lighting, sometimes I know that I can do better if I could shoot from the other side but it means that you won’t have water or flower arches or Harbour Bride or Opera House as background.  
Instead, you will have your guests as your background which is not an ideal.

Then one bride asked me the other day if there are wedding locations that I don’t like (or hard to photograph).
Then this location popped out in my head straight away.

That is Hickson Road Reserve for me.

I have photographed weddings there many time in the morning, during the day or late afternoon but I must say that the location has bad lighting through the day. (unless it’s cloudy )

Plus so many tourists are walking pass and stop, or have a little nap on the grass area right at venue. Zzz…

I don’t want to be too negative but if you would like to book me and has not decide the venue yet, please please please avoid the venue for the best result!!

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Walking down the aisle

Walking down the aisle

Much the same procedure is followed in a civil wedding in Sydney, which can be actually much simpler or just as ceremonious, depends on what the couples have decided.

Once you are officially husband ad wife, with your bride on your (the groom) left arm you proceed to the vestry for the signing of the register.

After receiving congratulations and greetings from both sides and when the bride is ready, you again give her your left arm and together you lead the bridal procession down the aisle.

Be prepared to have photos taken during walking back the aisle with your beautiful bride.

What I always advice to my clients is “ Please take your time, so I can photograph you arm in arm from the front and back”

It would be even better if you can remember not to blink too much, that will make our work so much easier and you can avoid bad photos, too.

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Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri