Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes make a great centrepiece for the reception venue in Sydney.
A wedding cake is as much about looks as it is about taste. Everyone wants to take a photo of the cake, so try to select one that is both photogenic and delicious to eat.

Begin planning the wedding cake at least 3 months before your wedding day.

Look in the yellow pages under wedding cake, google wedding cake in Sydney, try wedding site, flip through bridal magazines, or you can attend bridal expo.

Select a design to fit in wit your overall theme. You can find ideas in wedding magazines. Tiered fruitcakes are a great wedding tradition, however, other options such as carrot cake, chocolate, mud cake, and profiteroles are now just as acceptable.

The best wedding cake makers are those who specialise in it. However your caterer may also able to to make a cake, as will your local bakery or department store like David Jones. The size of your guest list can be used as a guide to the size of your cake.

I always recommend Cake Atelier where they are based in Glebe, Sydney.
I have worked with me so many time in the past years, they do amazing works!

I always photograph wedding cake during the reception, so make sure you pick a good one!

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Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu

Cutting Wedding Cake

Cutting Wedding Cake

The groom should welcome your guests as they arrive at the reception and mingle with them, introducing your bride to any members of your family and friends whom she has not already met.

Or you may stand in a formal receiving line to greet guests individually as they file into
dining area while your beautiful bride touch up her make-up and hair.

This is a great opportunity for your photographer to take photos of your wedding cake, decoration and  your guests. It’s also an opportunity for the groom to practice your speech, also.

Speaking of the cake, the cutting cake usually follows the last speech, which is traditionally by the best man’s. However, more and more couples choose to combine cake with dessert, and cut before the speeches these day in Sydney.

Cutting cake is one of the most exciting bit.  Be prepared to be taken some great photos by your photographer as well as we your guests!

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Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri