Let’s get through this crazy time!

Dear Covid19…

What have you done to us…

But you know what?

What can we do? Let’s get over this everyone!

We just gotta stay low and wait for this crazy time to pass.

We have been super quiet but we will definitely come back very soon.
In the mean time, if you would like to change your big day, please have a chat with us to see if we are available on the day.

We do our best to help you out without any fee. (of course!)

Please stay well, safe but still happy guys!

Katsu xo

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How does your wedding photography packages work?

How does your wedding photography packages work?

“How does your wedding photography packages work?” 
This might be one of your questions that you may have when you choose your wedding photographers for your big day.

My wedding packages are affordable, super simple and straight forward. No catch or hidden prices that you have heard from your friends or family.

Before I explain my wedding photography packages, this is one thing that you should know about my packages.

That is ” You don’t need to choose your package when you book me.” 
In fact, you only need to decide your package three weeks before your wedding date.

So please secure me first, so I won’t book any other jobs on the day, in case your agenda changes last minute. This way, I can be flexible to your requests even on your wedding day.

So now, let’s talk about my packages. You will see two different packages with different hours.

1: Data Only Packages:
This one is super simple.
If you would like to receive your jpeg images on USB, please choose this package.
This packages are affordable for everyone.
Price ($1900 – $2900 depends on how many hours you would like me to photograph your event)

2: Complete Packages: 
The name of the packages explains all.
You will receive your jpeg images on USB just like Data Only Packages.
You will also receive:
1 x Premium Highlight Slide show
1 x Deluxe Flush Mounted Leather Album (20 Pages)
Price: ($28000 – $3800 depends on how many hours you would like me to photograph your event) 

Let’s say, I start at 2pm at your hotel room (Getting ready) and I stay till the end of the reception at midnight. That is 10 hours. So you can choose either 10 hours of Data Only Package or Complete Package.

Once again, you can decide your package later. 

If you like my work and packages that I offer, please contact me ASAP as most of my weekends will be booked out 6 months to 1 year in advance, especially Sydney’s spring and summer time.

Please follow us on Instagram for our latest photos!

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Affordable Wedding Photography packages in Sydney

Yes for Marriage Equality in Australia Congratulations!

Yes for Marriage Equality in Australia

We have been pushing Marriage Equality in Australia for the last two years.

When I say “Pushing”, we have been photographed Gay & Lesbian couples in Sydney and share our work on Instagram and Facebook.

By doing that, we were supporting Australia’s LGBT community through our photos.

Finally the day has arrived! 

Yes! Yes and YES!!

Over 61% Australian population has voted YES. What a fantastic day!!

Supporting marriage equality is something that we have been supporting for the last  2 years. We are very happy with the result.

We just simply happy that people are happy and we believe in Love is Love.

Congratulations to our home Australia!  LGBT community rocks!

Marriage Equality in Australia - Gay and Lesbian wedding photography by Katsu Nojiri
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Sydney LGBT (gay, lesbian bisexual, transgender) wedding photography ゲイ・レズビアン同性婚ウェディング




Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown

Formal/traditional: Full length, white gown with a long train. Complete with a veil and all the matching accessories to give the bride a touch of high class elegance.

Semi formal: Full length gown, but perhaps without a train or just a shorter one and maybe a veil. Dress could be white, off white or other colours.

Informal: Anything is acceptable from  a mini to a cocktail dress. You may want to match your attire with a theme, like jeans for a cowboy and western wedding. A trend is developing where brides are selecting dressed that can be worn again.

These days, purchasing wedding dress seems to be more popular in Sydney. A lot of rental dress places has been closing down over the years due to less demand from both brides and grooms. It’s definitely cheaper option if you purchase your wedding gown in Sydney. So you can select your favourite wedding gown and get them to tailor for you.
Make sure that you get your dress at least 3 months before your wedding which means that you will beed to order it around 6 months before your advance.

My favourite dress to photograph is mermaid style with a long veil. They look stunning in the photos.

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Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu

Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

Most couples don’t follow the tradition of leaving their reception early to begin

the honeymoon these days in Sydney. (why waste a great party?), so don’t forget to book your first night’s accommodation is a local hotel.

If you plan to party until the bitter end, be polite and warn your older guests or parents with kids. They were bought up to think it rude to leave a reception before the bride and groom.

If you are the groom is reading this blog, you might want to plan a nice surprise such as candles, soft music, Champagne or flowers in your hotel room for your beautiful bride.

I remember when one of my clients stayed at InterContinental Hotel Sydney,
they organized a bottle of Champagne for them. I thought that it was really nice.

Speaking of the hotel room, we need at least one hour tophotograph the bride is getting ready in the morning on your wedding day. So we can capture beautiful wedding photos for your bride.

Please be ready by the time we arrive in your hotel room or your place. (we don’t want to see you in your pajamas!)

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Sydney Creative Photography

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri


Organising your Wedding in Sydney 2

Organising your Wedding in Sydney 2

Most people want the best wedding they can afford. There are limits to what you will be able to implement because you won’t have an endless supply of money. It’s at the point that you need to priorities what’s most important to you.

Determine who is able contribute financially and what amounts they are prepared to put forward and finalize these arrangements as soon as possible to give you a greater sense of confidence and control over your planning.

Parents of the bride traditionally pay for most of the wedding in Australia. However, today it is quite common for costs to be shared between both sets of parents and
increasingly, it has become accepted for the bride and groom to contribute as well.

Asking specific people and how you want to spend the money.  There is another way to get around this. Secure the total contribution up-front so you alone decides
where and how that money will be spent. All parties can agree beforehand what percentage they would like to contribute, and then agree beforehand what percentage they would like to contribute, and then have this money transferred into your own bank account.

Following  are some general spending guidelines, however, most of your money will always be spent on those things that are most important to you:

  •  Food & Beverages: 50-60 per cent of your budget
  • Flowers: 8-12 per cent of your budget
  • Music: 4-10 per cent of your budget
  • Wedding Photography: 18-25 per cent of your budget
  • Miscellaneous: 10-15 per cent of your budget

When you choose the photographer, please remember to choose one that will provide you high resolution images without any restrictions so you can print, enlarge or post your photos on facebook without any additional cost.

At Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu, we provide all your high resolution images on DVD on any packages that you choose.

If you are seeking to reduce your costs, dispense with familiar wedding practices.

For example, have a breakfast, brunch, or cocktail reception  instead of a sit-down evening meal, and choose an off-peak time, day and season. (winter) Look for inexpensive locations like a park or beach, ask for help from creative friends and relatives who have expertise with cake making, decorations.

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Decision Two: The Budget (Part 2) is coming soon.
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Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri