The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon

Traditionally, the groom plans the honeymoon, ad foots the bill as well – although

most couples in Sydney these days simply share costs.

If you do plan a surprise trip to your partner, make sure you have a good idea of her
expectations and plan things you will both enjoy doing.

You will also need to advise her to what clothes to pack (beach or city?) and ensure
she has all the necessary documentation and vaccinations if you are going to the place like Africa!

For many couples, on the other hand, sitting down together to plan the trip of a lifetime is one of the most exciting parts of the pre-wedding experience, and something  they can do without family interference.

So, perhaps you could take on the research and organization, but do the planning together.

We had an opportunity to photograph a wedding in Satorini, Greece this July this year.

It has became such an amazing trip for us and the photos turned out to be really good, too.

Since Aussie dollars are very strong, you might want to take advantage for it?

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