Hens Night

Hens Night

This is the female version of the bucks night. The hens night is an opportunity for the bride to get together with close friends and family (females only usually) for emotional support and rejoicing.

The evening should be memorable ad planned with care and sensitivity. Nightclubs, restaurants, a party at home, a male revue and a good old fashioned pub crawl are popular choices. However, if thats not our cup of tea, book into a beauty spa or take a harbour cruise in Sydney instead.  There are private companies who organise hens nights for you.

The hens night should be held a short time before the wedding usually around the same time as the bucks night.

The maid/matron of honour (and sometimes the bridesmaids) is responsible for organising and hosting the event. Invitations should state the theme, place,date, time what to bring, what to wear.

I have photographed hens night in the past. It was a lot of fun especially when the stripper came out of nowhere! Some people hire photographer for hens night, also.

Please make sure not to have your hens night out a night before your big day! I can use photoshop but not too much!!!

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