Portrait Journalism

Portrait Journalism

The term portrait journalism seems to imply a perfect of traditional and photojournalistic styles. However, photographers using this style tend to produce results that look more like a collision between fine art, fashion, and wedding photography.

In reality, this style produces portrait images that range from traditional to ultramodern to fine art and anything in between. With portrait journalism, you are not bound by the constrains of being non-intrsutive like a true photojournalism.

You can shoot in photojournalism style when things re happening, and then when there is a break in the action, you can pose the bride in a beautiful location for a portrait. This lack of constraint on posing combined with the creative fee business model, which pays you to shoot whatever you want, combines to release the truly creative potential of the photographer.

I have started to photograph babies, children and family portrait to broaden horizons  in Sydney. The company name is Sydney Treasures Photography. It’s has been over year since I have released my new kids’s website. It has been very popular ever since and I really enjoy photographing babies, children and family as well as wedding photography.

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