Photographer and Smile

Photographer and Smile

Another typical aspect of this style is that the photographer is very active and vocal about guiding the event. This can be an advantage if the couple failed to hire a coordinator. The photographer can organise and move people involved in the formals, as well as frequently ask the couple and guests to stop what they are doing and smile at the camera for a shot.

This iteration is most noticeable during the reception party as the cake cutting and first dance are often interrupted by the photographer asking the couple to look this way and smile. Although obviously very instructive, this process of stopping people for a smile is so embedded in the tradition of the style that its seen as completely acceptable. (although I try not to do this so often).

The tradition is so strong that sometimes the marriage celebrant or the DJ may actually stop the couple and tell them to look over at the photographer and smile without checking even checking with the wedding photographer.

It’s always good to remember to look at your wedding photographer when you cut the cake or during signing the form at the ceremony.

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Author: Katsu Nojiri

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