The Five Golden Rules 3

The Five Golden Rules 3

Having an understanding of wedding traditions in Australia, expectations and

conversations will put you in a better position to create the sort of wedding you want.

Keep an open mind, an alert ear, talk and take an active interest in information gathering.

Some of the best sources of information are from:

Bridal Magazines: Bridal Magazines are a great starting point for gathering ideas, examining trends and listing service providers such as photographers just like us and reception venues.  Local, national and International magazines are available at your local newsagent.

Books: A good wedding books can provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of the essential  things you need to know about wedding planning. There is no shortage of wedding books in your local books and library. (I find that Kinokuniya Book Store in Sydney has got the wide range of wedding books)

The Internet: There are a number of wedding websites, complete with tips and FAQ section just like “The News Page” on our website.  You will see our listing on EasyWeddings, also.

Yellow Pages:  The Yellow Pages is always useful for looking for wedding service providers.

Friends and Relatives: Friends and relatives can recommend people, places and service providers. People tend to trust a referral from someone they know. They can also offer advice to help you avoid the mishaps they went through.

Bridal Shows: Bridal shows or Wedding expos are a great way to see many service providers under one roof, which can save you a lot of running around.

Wedding Consultants: Wedding consultants can organize some, part of or all of your wedding for you. They are flexible about their pricing and assistance structure and will accommodate your individual needs. Their services are more suited if you lack time ad can spare the extra cost.

Obviously, our blog here should be helpful to everyone, too. Please contact us for more details.

Rule Four is coming soon…..

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Signing the register and certificates

Signing the register and certificates

This takes place following the Declaration of Marriage.

There are three documents to be signed and witnessed by two persons over the age of 18.

The wedding ceremony ends at the completion of the signing of the register.

They newlyweds are then introduced by the officiant as “Mr and Mrs…”

Hope this article was helpful.

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signing the resister and certificates