Lunch Wedding is a new trend?

Lunch Wedding is a new trend?

I have noticed that It seems quite popular to have “Lunch time wedding” these days.

Like today, my clients Rob & Maya has their wedding ceremony started at 10am at The Centennial Park followed by the lunch reception party at Centennial Homestead.

When I first received my first “Lunch Wedding” inquiry last year, I thought, “Oh, that’s unique” But these days, I am getting more and more. It must be a new trend to have a wedding on Saturday or Sunday around the lunch time.

I guess that it’s make sense for everybody. A lot of people are off, kids are fresh, and elderly won’t get too tired. Plus people eat or drink less during the day, so it will be cheaper to hire the venue, also.

Since Europe and USA has not been so safe to travel, I have noticed that more tourists are in Sydney and more Japanese couples are here to get married!

My wedding booking for next year has been super fast this year. My Saturdays are almost all booked out until March next year 2018.

If you are planning to have your wedding in Sydney or NSW have not booked your photographer yet, please let me know early!

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Lunch wedding in Sydney





Wedding planning in Langkawi

Wedding planning in Langkawi 

I had an opportunity to photograph another wedding in Langkawi, Malaysia last weekend.

Although I am usually based in Sydney Australia, I travel around Asia (Mainly Malaysia, Thai and Japan) between May to August to photograph weddings when Sydney’s cold in winter.  Yes, I am not a winter person and trying to avoid as much as I can.

I am actually writing this blog from my rented apartment in Kuala Lumper in Malaysia.

My Australian client Bec and Dave booked me over a year ago through my previous client (bride) who is mother of two now.

Since both Bec and Dave are from Sydney, I have met them at the cafe in Surry Hills to discuss their wedding in Langkawi this time last year. I remember that they have asked me where is the good place to get married in Langkawi then. 
They have just started to plan their wedding there.

Since most of people get married on the private beach or pool deck area at the resort hotel, I have recommended them to have their ceremony and the reception party at 5 stars hotel there.

My favourite has to be Andaman Resort where I always stay when I visit there for holiday and wedding photos.

Their hotel resort is in the jungle and you will see a lot of animals like monkeys, flying fox, big lizards or hawks. Their hotel is massive and it’s a full of nature.
Of course the ocean is right in front of you and the sunset there is just stunning!

Langkawi is only one hour flight from KL.

Their wedding was on Saturday and I arrived their Friday morning, so I can enjoy beautiful island before their wedding day.

We had a quick chat at the hotel lobby and make sure what to photograph on the day.
Bec & Dave gave me the agenda, so I will know what’s happening on their wedding day. 

It’s gong to be a big day!!!!!

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wedding planning in Langkawi

Do we need more than one photographer?

Do we need more than one photographer?

This is one of the questions that I always get asked by my clients when they book me for their wedding.

The answer can be tricky but usually I tell my clients ” Do not waste your money, use it for something else! ”

I guess that the answer can be different depending on the style of wedding photography or possibly the size of your wedding, also.

What I mean is…
As you might have noticed, my photography style is documentary style. (Natural & Candid)
It means that I don’t need those crazy lighting equipment (or reflectors) when I do the location photo shoot at the place like The Opera House, Harbour Bridge,  Botanic Garden or The Rocks area.

I photograph you naturally whatever happens on the day. 
That’s why I don’t ask couples to too much and suggest awkward pose that you might see on the wedding magazines.

If you have booked “Posed & Glamour” style wedding photographers, they will probably need those studio lighting sets even when it’s sunny outside.

Another reason that I don’t like to have the second photographer is, I don’t want them to be in the photos when those “Moments” that I photograph.

Plus, usually you will be paying around $800 – $1,000 more which you could use it for our honeymoon!!

If you are planning to book your wedding photographer here in Sydney, Melbourne or Thailand or Malaysia, please contact me early!

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Do we need more than one photographer? Wedding Photography

My wedding booking for 2017 are filing fast. Please contact me to check my availability when you set the date!

Wedding photographer in Sydney

Wedding photographer in Sydney (Katsu Nojiri)

Although I still direct you how you pose, stand or smile during the location photo shoot as well as traditional family photos and group photos straight after your ceremony.

I am one of those discreet wedding photographers that you don’t even notice I have been photographing your moments naturally on your special day.

The way I photograph is natural, contemporary and candid. I won’t ask you to do silly (and embarrassing!) poses that you may have seen at The Rocks area on the weekends in Sydney. (unless you want me to do that is!)

The main thing is that all my clients enjoy their very special day.

And it’s my job to capture those moments. If you are a kind of person that  smile and laugh a lot, you will make my job easier. 🙂

Organising your wedding can be stressful, however once if you book me, you can forget about your photography.

I have 19 years experiences as an award-winning wedding photographer in Sydney and most of my clients have been referred from my previous clients. You can call me a king of recommended wedding photographer in Sydney. Hahaha!
I don’t advertise my business anywhere but I still run my business after 19 years in this tough industry. That’s because all my clients from 1996 has been referring me to their family and friends.  (BIG THANK YOU TO ALL MY CLIENTS!!)

If you set your big date and looking for your wedding photographer in Australia, please contact Katsu ASAP. Katsu will travel all the states to photograph your wedding. (Mainly Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast)

Oh, one more thing, I get booked out about 6 – 10 months in advance on the weekends. (Especially on Saturday) Please contact me early to avoid disappointment!

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Recommended Wedding Photographer in Sydney Katsu Nojiri


About Wedding Photographer

About Wedding Photographer

Personality goes a long way. One of the most valuable tool you can have as a wedding photographer is the right  kind of personality. You don’t have to be the life of the party, but you should have a friendly and outgoing personality that puts people at the the ease almost immediately. If you don’t like people, or if you are impatient or easily frustrated with people that are always late and generally can not seem to get it together, then this job won’t be a good match for you. If you function well under pressure, if you are flexible enough that you won’t mind making last minute plan changes when the bride is late, and you like working with people, then this job might be a good match for you.

The last and most valuable tool that you need as a wedding photographer is knowledge. You need to develop your skills and understanding of photography to the point that taking picture is not more difficult thank walking across the room. When you seen an activity taking place, you need to move to the location that will allow you to tell the story with your camera. With practice, your eyes will tune into the types of locations that make good portrait backgrounds.

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Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu



My wedding story

My wedding story

I was shooting a wedding in Sydney where the bride and groom purchased a “package wedding” from a large resort.

The package came with a minister, a videographer and all other essentials except the photographer (me), which the couple arranged separately because they wanted more than what the typical photographer provides. On the day of the wedding, I did my normal photojournalistic thing until just before the ceremony when the videographer arrived. This man stepped up with a loud voice and just took over the reins of that whole wedding. From then on, he and the minister ran the show completely, telling the bride and groom where to stand, when to move, where to put each hand, how to hold the pen, and even when to smile at the camera. They were arranging shots for me (which I did not ask for..) and then saying, “There you go Mr. Photographer! That’s is how we do it here! Easy right?”

When the first dance started, the videographer was at the bar but he came back charging back with a drink in his hand and a napkin flying in the air behind him. He was waving his hands and motioning across his throat at the DJ to cut the music. The DJ was ignoring him so finally he yelled “STOP!!” which of course everyone did.
Then he walked out on the dance floor and carefully placed the groom on one side, and the bride on other, then then he grabbed his camera and motioned for the DJ to start the music up again. To be continued to Part 2

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Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu


Music and Entertainment

Music has a way of connecting people of all ages and from all walks of life.
There are several opportunities through the day where the tasteful addition of selected music will enhance and add a memorable touch of romance.

Book your entertainment at least 6 months before your wedding day or risk disappointment.

DJ have become the choice of music entertainment at weddings. They are versatile, have a great selection of music, and are cheaper than a live band.

A good DJ is worth their weight in gold because they don’t just play music. An experienced DJ will be able to build a festive, jovial atmosphere by getting everyone involved with their commentary and games.  Some DJ will even act as your MC.

Tell the DJ what music styles you want, for example, country, contemporary, swing etc. Also make a point of explaining what you don’t want. Get the mix right to please most of your guests. Your DJ should have a song list for you to choose from as well, but let them finalise the order of songs. A DJ will play about 15 songs an hour.

It’s good manners to sit the DJ at the table as a guest of your wedding. Leaving them out would look a little mean-spirited.

I know some good DJs that I worked with in the past. Please ask me if you are looking for one.

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Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu


Gift Guess

Gift Guess

Each guests sit int a circle and pass around a non-see-through bag filled with typical household items. Guests then guess what they think is inside the bag simply by feeling it.
The person with the most correct guesses wins.

It’s in the bag. Have your guests sit in a circle and pass around a non-see-through bag filled with typical household items. Guests them guess what they think is inside the bag by feeling it. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

The name game

Find as many words as possible with the letters used from the bride and groom’s within a two minute time limit. The person with the most answers withs a prize.

What a load

Get a set of bathroom scales and weigh everyone’s bag. It can be a lot of fun to find out who has the heaviest bag and why.

How about having a photo boost at the party? It’s not too expensive to hire a few hours, so all your guests can get their photos taken in the photo boost in such funny outfits?
Thoese photo boost has been very popular especially when there are a lot of kids at the reception party.

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Katsu Nojiri

The Size of your Wedding 2

The Size of your Wedding 2

Who do you include and who do you leave out?

Compiling the guest list is one of the more difficult tasks you will be required to do for your wedding.

Establish what numbers you want at your wedding immediately after you have set the wedding date. You won’t need finalize your actual guest names until you begin planning your pre-wedding parties.

The guest list can be very contentious and who gets invited and who gets left off is always open to negotiation. Consider how much each guest will cost (this will help determine how many guests you can afford), where you hold your wedding in proximity to where most of the guests live ( which will have a bearing on acceptance numbers), and whether you both prefer a small or large wedding (again this will help give you an idea of how many guests you would like to attend), so a large wedding is inevitable in this case.

Compiling your guest list usually involves three interest groups – the groom, the bride and the hosts. (parents of the bride and groom) The host or hosts have an automatic right to include a umber of their friends since they are probably making a significant financial contribution to the cost of the wedding.

One of the big unknowns is who’s gong to accept your invitation. It’s rare for a 100% acceptance and you can safely count on around 20% decline.
However, it’s not advised to send out a second round of invites (or a B list) , or invite anyone other than those people you really want to attend.

You will need to be prepared to accommodate and cover the costs of everyone you invite.
If your RSVP date has come and gone and you are still waiting for responses a common occurrence get the wedding host to phone and ask if they will be attending. Make sure you have also put an RSVP date  in your invitations in the first place.

With the reception ad the  ceremony as separate events, you are able to invite guests to one and not the other. Some may see this as inappropriate wedding etiquette, although restricted venue capacity and the closeness of guests (such as work mates) may allow it.

Advice from your photographer:
Once when you finalize the numbers of attendance, it would be wonderful if you could let your photographer know in advance, so we will know how big the group shot is going to be after the ceremony. Then we will also know how many table shots that we will need to photograph during the reception party.

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Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Organising your Wedding in Sydney

Organising your Wedding in Sydney

Here is a more traditional breakdown of wedding expenses.

It’s extremely rare and impractical nowadays to adhere strictly to these:

The bride ad bride’s family traditionally pay for:

gifts for the bridesmaids, accommodation for the bridesmaids, the engagement notice and any other press announcements, the engagement party, reception costs, including the venue, food, entertainment party, reception costs, including the venue, food, entertainment and flowers, groom’s wedding ring, ceremony and reception hire, wedding stationary (invitations, place cards), photography,  wedding dress and accessories,guest book for  the reception, stationary for the thank you notes, outfits for the bridesmaids, and a wedding gift for the groom.

The groom and groom’s  family traditionally pay for:

the rehearsal dinner, traveling expenses, drinks at the reception, purchase/hire of clothing (tuxedo, suit etc), bride’s bouquet, flowers for the
bridesmaids, bride’s engagement and wedding ring, legal paperwork (Marriage Certificate etc), wedding gift for the bride, wedding outfit, celebrant’s fee and the honeymoon.

The maid of honour and bridesmaids traditionally pay for:

a gift for the bride and grooms, contribution to the cost of the bridal shower.

The best man and the ushers traditionally pay for:

gift for the bride and the groom, own attire, a contribution to the cost of the buck’s night.

Paying for the wedding can become complicated when there are the maters of expenses for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Groomsmen will always expect to pay their own way, and for most cases, so too will the bridesmaids. However you can always make your own arrangements if you are able to or feel you should make some contributions.

For example, you could offer to pay half of the cost the bridesmaid’s dresses or for the manicures.

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Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri