The Size of your Wedding 2

The Size of your Wedding 2

Who do you include and who do you leave out?

Compiling the guest list is one of the more difficult tasks you will be required to do for your wedding.

Establish what numbers you want at your wedding immediately after you have set the wedding date. You won’t need finalize your actual guest names until you begin planning your pre-wedding parties.

The guest list can be very contentious and who gets invited and who gets left off is always open to negotiation. Consider how much each guest will cost (this will help determine how many guests you can afford), where you hold your wedding in proximity to where most of the guests live ( which will have a bearing on acceptance numbers), and whether you both prefer a small or large wedding (again this will help give you an idea of how many guests you would like to attend), so a large wedding is inevitable in this case.

Compiling your guest list usually involves three interest groups – the groom, the bride and the hosts. (parents of the bride and groom) The host or hosts have an automatic right to include a umber of their friends since they are probably making a significant financial contribution to the cost of the wedding.

One of the big unknowns is who’s gong to accept your invitation. It’s rare for a 100% acceptance and you can safely count on around 20% decline.
However, it’s not advised to send out a second round of invites (or a B list) , or invite anyone other than those people you really want to attend.

You will need to be prepared to accommodate and cover the costs of everyone you invite.
If your RSVP date has come and gone and you are still waiting for responses a common occurrence get the wedding host to phone and ask if they will be attending. Make sure you have also put an RSVP date  in your invitations in the first place.

With the reception ad the  ceremony as separate events, you are able to invite guests to one and not the other. Some may see this as inappropriate wedding etiquette, although restricted venue capacity and the closeness of guests (such as work mates) may allow it.

Advice from your photographer:
Once when you finalize the numbers of attendance, it would be wonderful if you could let your photographer know in advance, so we will know how big the group shot is going to be after the ceremony. Then we will also know how many table shots that we will need to photograph during the reception party.

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Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney Wedding Photographers by Katsu Nojiri