How does your wedding photography packages works?

How does your wedding photography packages works?

This is one of the questions that I get asked when people are searching for their wedding photographers.

My packages are simple, straight forward, no catch or hidden prices.


Please just message me to check my availability, then we go from that.

Anyway, back to the packages, firstly you might want to decide what you you want after your wedding.  

Let’s say A or B?

A:  All your data on USB.  
You will receive all your colour images beautifully edited on USB.
So you can print, enlarge, post them on your blog, Instagram or Facebook yourself without any additional cost.

B: All your data on USB, Premium Leather Album and a Premium Slideshow
You will receive all your colour images and black & white images on USB. (same as A)
Plus you will receive a premium leather cover album (20 pages) and a highlight slideshow.

Once when you decide A or B, you will need to decide how many hours you would like me to photograph your wedding.

Let’s say, I am starting from your hotel room (or your place) getting ready an hour before your departure to the ceremony. 

Let’s say your ceremony starts at 3pm, so maybe I start 1pm photographing you getting ready for about an hour, so that 2pm. Getting in a car and drive to the ceremony arriving 2:45pm at the ceremony.

The ceremony usually goes for 30 minutes or so, then we do group photos, family photos for about 30 minutes or so. Then we go to your favourite photo locations at the places like The Rocks, Opera House, Harbour Bridge etc until the reception starts around 6- 6:30pm.

Usually the reception party ends around 11-11:30.

Most of my clients would like me to stay till the end, then I am starting from 1pm and finishing around 11pm. So that is 10 hours.

So you can choose my 10 hours package of A or B.

That is how my wedding photography packages works.

I must say that my packages are fair and affordable. I have not changed my pricing since 1996. (which I think that it’s crazy a bit….)

I hope that you will like my work and packages that I offer!!

Please message me early if you are engages, most of my Saturday will be booked out through the year!

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What people say about photographer Katsu Nojiri

What people say about wedding photographer Katsu Nojiri 

I have been receiving great reviews and feedback from my clients about my wedding photography service in the last 20 years.

Today, I would like to share one of them!!

Dear Katsu, 
We both really can’t thank you enough for our amazing wedding photographs. 
To us the day itself felt perfect, but to have all of those special moments captured in your beautiful photographs makes us feel exceptionally privileged. 
We knew that finding the right photographer for our wedding was one of the most important decisions we would take, so finding someone we could trust to capture the day in a style that felt right for us was a top priority. Having viewed the websites and portfolios of so many other photographers, your work appeared in a class of its own and we were instantly put at ease with your laid back approach. It didn’t go unnoticed that your humorous and relaxed manner also put all of our guests at ease and the results are clearly evident in your photographs. 
From your discreet presence whilst Laura and her family were getting ready and during the service, to directing the hordes and getting the best out of our group shots and onto the evening where you fitted in and around our guests perfectly. Many of our guests would consider themselves camera-shy but so many of them have been delighted by the natural looking photos you have taken of them. 
We’re sure that we can’t have been the easiest couple to work with. (always having ‘one more question’!)  But you’ve always been available and happy to discuss our options. 

You captured far more than we could have imagined possible, all those bits that we missed on the day but got to find out about at our first look through the shots – it was great to relive all the special moments that we can now share, keep and treasure! 

We have just finished doing the tour of family and friends, reliving the day through your photographs. We (and they) really can’t find the words to express our enormous gratitude for the amazing job you’ve done. 
It takes an incredible eye to capture all of the fleeting glances. And moments that make up such an emotional day, but you clearly have those skills in abundance. 
Thank you.
Ben & Laura

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What people say about wedding photographer Katsu Nojiri

Free Pre-wedding photo shoot with photographer Katsu Nojiri

Free Pre-wedding photo shoot with photographer Katsu Nojiri

Q: What is Pre-wedding photo shoot?

A: Pre-wedding photo shoots are photo sessions that you have booked with your wedding photographer a few months before your wedding day.
I offer Pre-wedding photo shoot for my clients who book me early for FREE.  (Usually it’s AUD$600).

Pre-wedding shoots are great way for you to get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. It also a great opportunity for the couples to get together with your wedding photographer.

Usually all my clients would like to have their photos taken a few months before their wedding date. So they can use those images for invitations to the guests or creating welcome board for their reception party.

If you would like to have your pre-wedding photo shoot for FREE, please contact Katsu
Book him early. Only limited spots available!

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Free Pre-wedding photo shoot with photographer Katsu Nojiri




Affordable Wedding Videography Sydney Wedding Photography Katsu

Affordable Wedding Videography Sydney Wedding Photography Katsu
Affordable wedding videography Sydney

Since I have been photographing weddings in 1996, I have met a lot of great great videographers here in Sydney.

Although it can be quite hard to find someone who is very comfortable to work with as we both try to get good spots during the events. The person also needs to be similar style as my style which is documentary style. (Natural, Candid and story telling style)

Wedding Videography in Sydney

Ever since we have met, we have been working together a lot of time when my clients book both wedding photography and videography.

If you like my work,  you will definitely like his style, also.

If you are planning to have your wedding in Sydney and looking for both wedding photographer and videographer, please contact Katsu to find out more details!

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Affordable Wedding Videography Sydney Wedding Photography Katsu

Do we need more than one photographer?

Do we need more than one photographer?

This is one of the questions that I always get asked by my clients when they book me for their wedding.

The answer can be tricky but usually I tell my clients ” Do not waste your money, use it for something else! ”

I guess that the answer can be different depending on the style of wedding photography or possibly the size of your wedding, also.

What I mean is…
As you might have noticed, my photography style is documentary style. (Natural & Candid)
It means that I don’t need those crazy lighting equipment (or reflectors) when I do the location photo shoot at the place like The Opera House, Harbour Bridge,  Botanic Garden or The Rocks area.

I photograph you naturally whatever happens on the day. 
That’s why I don’t ask couples to too much and suggest awkward pose that you might see on the wedding magazines.

If you have booked “Posed & Glamour” style wedding photographers, they will probably need those studio lighting sets even when it’s sunny outside.

Another reason that I don’t like to have the second photographer is, I don’t want them to be in the photos when those “Moments” that I photograph.

Plus, usually you will be paying around $800 – $1,000 more which you could use it for our honeymoon!!

If you are planning to book your wedding photographer here in Sydney, Melbourne or Thailand or Malaysia, please contact me early!

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Do we need more than one photographer? Wedding Photography

My wedding booking for 2017 are filing fast. Please contact me to check my availability when you set the date!

FAQ How long does it take to receive our photos?

FAQ How long does it take to receive our photos?

This is one of the questions that I always get asked by my clients.

The answer for the questions is 2- 3 weeks. (Sometimes even earlier but nothing later than that)

The way that I work is, usually it will takes about full 10 days for me to edit all your wedding photos individually. Correcting the brightness, contrast, sharpness, colours etc one by one. Once when I am done basic editing (Somewhere around from 400 photos up to 1000 wedding photos!) I start retouching more. I usually do smooth out skin, bright up the skin tone, remove some un-wanted to background etc.

You can imagine that this is time consuming. Sometimes I spend over an hour to retouch one photo when I need to edit another 500 to 100p photos!


This is when I contact my clients to let them know that they are photos are done!
(This is about 2 weeks job)


Most of my clients purchase weddings albums. Then I will need to design the whole wedding album(s) when I finish off editing all those photos. 

That will take another week and plus another week to be delivered from overseas.
So that is 3 weeks.

Before I send off my wedding design, I create a link which allows them to see the album design. Just to make sure that they are happy with my photo choice and design. So there is not surprises for them.

During this time, I post some of their photos on Instagram or Facebook as sneak peak, so my clients no need to wait fro whole 2- 3 weeks!

My wedding booking for 2017 are filing fast. Please contact me to check my availability when you set the date!

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My wedding booking for 2017 are filing fast. Please contact me to check my availability when you set the date!

My wedding booking for 2017 are filing fast. Please contact me to check my availability when you set the date!













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メルボルンでのウェディング撮影始めました 日本人のウェディングフォトグラファーがメルボルンでの写真撮影


What is Destination Wedding Photographer?

What is Destination Wedding Photographer?
Your wedding in Malaysia, Thailand and Bali

When you plan your wedding in overseas, it can be tricky.

It’s just because a lot of time, you would not know any wedding suppliers in the country where you are planning to have your wedding.

Not only that, you might also have problems to communicate with your favourite wedding suppliers especially in the place like Thailand or Bali.

I was living in Bangkok, Thailand for 2 years from 2014 – 2016. Now I am back in Sydney. But I am setting up a little wedding photography business based in KL Malaysia now. 

So I can live half of the year in Sydney when I am busy with photographing weddings in Sydney’s spring and summer. In winter, I moved to KL or Bangkok to photograph Destination Wedding in Langkawi, Phuket, Pipi, Koh Samui or Bali.

My popular destinations are Phuket, Langkawi and Bali. A lot of my clients are from Australia!!

If you are planing to have your wedding in overseas in the places like Malaysia or Thailand or Bali, please contact me to check my availability.

My latest photos are on Instagram!

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What is Destination Wedding Photographer? Your wedding in Malaysia

What is Destination Wedding Photographer? Your wedding in Malaysia, Thailand and Bali






ウェディングフォトプランINシドニー ドレスとタキシードを着て、シドニーの人気スポットで撮影します!




ウェディングフォトプランINシドニー ドレスとタキシードを着て、シドニーの人気スポットで撮影します!


Affordable Wedding Photography in Sydney

Affordable Wedding Photography in Sydney
– How to find your wedding photographer –

I would like to share this “Non-Cool ” story with you all today.

Since I have been photographing weddings since 1996 (20 years go! ), I meet so many couples. When I say “many”. I am talking about over 1,500 couples.

Every year, around 8 – 10 couples comes to me AFTER their weddings with different photographers saying something like…

” Hi Katsu, we should have booked you for our wedding, our photos turned out to be terrible with this xxx photographer… Have a look… I would like to put my dress on again so we can do the photos around the park with you. Is it possible?”

I still get shocked when I hear from people like this. But now every year I get these kinds of messages from poor couples at least 8 – 10 times a year , sometimes more.

I always ask them how it happened after all those research to find the right photographer for their special day?

Usually they say……

“We thought that we booked him / her but we booked them…. We saw some great photos on their website, hanging some beautiful weddings photos on the wall at their fancy studio but those photos were taken by someone who used to work there for many years go we found out later….”

“We were told that we will have 2nd or 3 rd photographers for FREE plus their main photographer. So we have booked them. Then we have received so many photos but none of them were good. Almost every single photo, their photographers are in the background. The main photographer was too busy to train them and missed so many great opportunities.”

When you choose your wedding photographer, you gotta make sure who is coming to your wedding, knowing compare what you are comparing with, ask your photographer to show their whole set of a wedding not some good ones from all different weddings.

That is my tip for the day!

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Affordable Wedding Photography in Sydney by Katsu Nojiri