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Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu was established by experienced and award-winning wedding photographer Katsu Nojiri, based in Sydney, Australia.

Yes for Marriage Equality in Australia Congratulations!

Yes for Marriage Equality in Australia

We have been pushing Marriage Equality in Australia for the last two years.

When I say “Pushing”, we have been photographed Gay & Lesbian couples in Sydney and share our work on Instagram and Facebook.

By doing that, we were supporting Australia’s LGBT community through our photos.

Finally the day has arrived! 

Yes! Yes and YES!!

Over 61% Australian population has voted YES. What a fantastic day!!

Supporting marriage equality is something that we have been supporting for the last  2 years. We are very happy with the result.

We just simply happy that people are happy and we believe in Love is Love.

Congratulations to our home Australia!  LGBT community rocks!

Marriiage equality in Australia. Katsu Nojiri Photographer
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Marriage Equality Australia Campaign Photo Shoot

Marriage Equality Australia Campaign Photo Shoot

Last weekend was a big days for myself and my team.

We had two wedding shoots on Friday, another one on Saturday and Marriage Equality Australia Campaign photo shoot on Sunday.

We support Same Sex Marriage in Australia and this photo shoot was organised my Team GSA, Sydney Australia.

Regardless, gay or lesbian couples or straight couples, as long as they both love each other, we would like to respect and support LGBT community here in Sydney, Australia.

Here is one of the photos that we have taken last Sunday.

“How could you not say YES”??  to these guys really!

Hope that you all had a great time boys! You all look great! 

Marriage Equality Australia Campaign Photo Shoot

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Lunch Wedding is a new trend?

Lunch Wedding is a new trend?

I have noticed that It seems quite popular to have “Lunch time wedding” these days.

Like today, my clients Rob & Maya has their wedding ceremony started at 10am at The Centennial Park followed by the lunch reception party at Centennial Homestead.

When I first received my first “Lunch Wedding” inquiry last year, I thought, “Oh, that’s unique” But these days, I am getting more and more. It must be a new trend to have a wedding on Saturday or Sunday around the lunch time.

I guess that it’s make sense for everybody. A lot of people are off, kids are fresh, and elderly won’t get too tired. Plus people eat or drink less during the day, so it will be cheaper to hire the venue, also.

Since Europe and USA has not been so safe to travel, I have noticed that more tourists are in Sydney and more Japanese couples are here to get married!

My wedding booking for next year has been super fast this year. My Saturdays are almost all booked out until March next year 2018.

If you are planning to have your wedding in Sydney or NSW have not booked your photographer yet, please let me know early!

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Lunch wedding in Sydney







Wedding Photography by Katsu の代表カメラマンの野尻勝一です。








シドニーのみならず、オーストラリア国内の出張撮影・動画撮影もお受けしておりますので、企業様・法人の皆様でオーストラリアで撮影業務・カメラマンをお探しの方は、お気軽に私共まで 日本語にてご連絡下さい。




Wedding planning in Langkawi

Wedding planning in Langkawi 

I had an opportunity to photograph another wedding in Langkawi, Malaysia last weekend.

Although I am usually based in Sydney Australia, I travel around Asia (Mainly Malaysia, Thai and Japan) between May to August to photograph weddings when Sydney’s cold in winter.  Yes, I am not a winter person and trying to avoid as much as I can.

I am actually writing this blog from my rented apartment in Kuala Lumper in Malaysia.

My Australian client Bec and Dave booked me over a year ago through my previous client (bride) who is mother of two now.

Since both Bec and Dave are from Sydney, I have met them at the cafe in Surry Hills to discuss their wedding in Langkawi this time last year. I remember that they have asked me where is the good place to get married in Langkawi then. 
They have just started to plan their wedding there.

Since most of people get married on the private beach or pool deck area at the resort hotel, I have recommended them to have their ceremony and the reception party at 5 stars hotel there.

My favourite has to be Andaman Resort where I always stay when I visit there for holiday and wedding photos.

Their hotel resort is in the jungle and you will see a lot of animals like monkeys, flying fox, big lizards or hawks. Their hotel is massive and it’s a full of nature.
Of course the ocean is right in front of you and the sunset there is just stunning!

Langkawi is only one hour flight from KL.

Their wedding was on Saturday and I arrived their Friday morning, so I can enjoy beautiful island before their wedding day.

We had a quick chat at the hotel lobby and make sure what to photograph on the day.
Bec & Dave gave me the agenda, so I will know what’s happening on their wedding day. 

It’s gong to be a big day!!!!!

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wedding planning in Langkawi














お早めにご連絡くださいね (英語のサイトですが日本語でお問い合わせくだだい)









その中でも私のお薦めのホテルは、ザ ダナ ランカウイ、もしくは、ジ アンダマン ランカウイホテルです!



langkawi malaysia wedding photography katsu nojiri













Great feedback

Great feedback

Hi Katsu,

We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful wedding photos we received from you.
They far exceeded our expectations and every single one was gorgeous. Thank you for your sensitivity, attention to detail, artistic abilities, hard work and professionalism. Our wedding day was perfect and your photography captured that completely. You are very talented at your work and we reccomend you to everyone we know. Thankyou for a gift that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.
Regards, Linda & Mark G 02/03/2012

Great feedback from one of our latest clients

photographed by Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu

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Great Feedback

Great Feedback

We have received a great feedback from one of our latest clients today!

Thank you, Ben & Lorelei! All the best!!!!

Hi Katsu

“I’m sorry I couldn’t meet up with you and Lorelei the other day. I had to work late. I’d just like to say a massive thank you for all you’re work. The photos are fantastic. You’ve got a lovely eye and Lorelei and I are really proud of the photos. It can’t have been easy with such a stressed out Groom, I was so nervous all day. 

I’ve just made a thank you card using some of you’re images which we will get printed out next week and sent out to all our guests.”

Thank you so much again!

Ben & Lorelei

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Sydney Wedding Photographers

Sydney Wedding Photographers – Katsu Nojiri

Most popular Wedding Photography in Blue Mountain in NSW

Most popular Wedding Photography in Blue Mountain in NSW

Having the wedding in Blue Mountain in NSW has becoming more popular over the years.,

I have noticed that a lot of people from Sydney drive up there to get married on Friday afternoon. Yes, it’s Friday!

So everyone can take a Friday off at work. You get there around the lunch time for the ceremony.  And stay over night after the reception party finish around 11pm.
So everybody can have a little weekend away after the wedding on the weekend.

Obviously, the bride needs to get ready way before that as well as someone like myself, photographer.

Let’s say your ceremony starts at 3pm and your ceremony review is just outside the hotel that you will be staying at.

I will probably need to get there around 1:30-2pm to photograph the bride and girls are getting ready for about an hour before the ceremony. Then if you would like me to stay til the end, it will be 10 hours. So you can choose my affordable 10 hours package. 

There are so many great places that we can visit to photograph after your ceremony before the reception in Blue Mountain.

If you are planing to have your wedding in Blue mountain NSW, please contact me early as  most of my weekends will be booked out early.

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Most popular Wedding Photography in Blue Mountain in NSW