Marriage Equality Australia Campaign Photo Shoot

Marriage Equality Australia Campaign Photo Shoot

Last weekend was a big days for myself and my team.

We had two wedding shoots on Friday, another one on Saturday and Marriage Equality Australia Campaign photo shoot on Sunday.

We support Same Sex Marriage in Australia and this photo shoot was organised my Team GSA, Sydney Australia.

Regardless, gay or lesbian couples or straight couples, as long as they both love each other, we would like to respect and support LGBT community here in Sydney, Australia.

Here is one of the photos that we have taken last Sunday.

“How could you not say YES”??  to these guys really!

Hope that you all had a great time boys! You all look great! 

Marriage Equality Australia Campaign Photo Shoot

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Lunch Wedding is a new trend?

Lunch Wedding is a new trend?

I have noticed that It seems quite popular to have “Lunch time wedding” these days.

Like today, my clients Rob & Maya has their wedding ceremony started at 10am at The Centennial Park followed by the lunch reception party at Centennial Homestead.

When I first received my first “Lunch Wedding” inquiry last year, I thought, “Oh, that’s unique” But these days, I am getting more and more. It must be a new trend to have a wedding on Saturday or Sunday around the lunch time.

I guess that it’s make sense for everybody. A lot of people are off, kids are fresh, and elderly won’t get too tired. Plus people eat or drink less during the day, so it will be cheaper to hire the venue, also.

Since Europe and USA has not been so safe to travel, I have noticed that more tourists are in Sydney and more Japanese couples are here to get married!

My wedding booking for next year has been super fast this year. My Saturdays are almost all booked out until March next year 2018.

If you are planning to have your wedding in Sydney or NSW have not booked your photographer yet, please let me know early!

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Lunch wedding in Sydney